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AllThingsD Editors Reportedly Near Deal With NBCUniversal to Fund New Site

Shades on. (Photo: Google+)

When AllThingsD completes its diaspora from parent company News Corp. early next year, NBCUniversal is reportedly going to invest in the revamped, renamed tech blog and conference business.

Bloomberg reports that a deal has been struck among editors Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and the Comcast-owned company to bring over much of its current staff when the website starts anew in January.

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Is That a Gadget in Your Pocket? Objectifying 25 Male Tech Writers

Sluttin' it up at CES.

News of the first annual Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day swept across the web this morning following an article penned by one of the event’s founders, gaming and social media reporter Leigh Alexander. “From booth babes to harassment, snide comments to double standards, women have often had a hard time feeling comfortable around the tech industry,” she wrote. In order to demonstrate “the absurdity of objectifying people you claim to agree with or support intellectually,” she’s encouraging female tech writers to give gendered compliments or make sexist proclamations to men about their work.

Though the actual Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day isn’t until February 1st, Betabeat–comprised primarily of female writers–could hardly contain ourselves. Here are 25 gendered comments for 25 of our favorite male tech writers. Read More

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5 Things Aaron Sorkin Revealed About His Steve Jobs Biopic at D10

Mr. Sorkin

We haven’t really been following All Things D’s D10 conference, but when we heard Aaron Sorkin was slated to hit the stage, we decided to cue up the livestream. It’s a slow news day, after all.

We’re glad we did, though. In a discussion with Walt Mossberg, Mr. Sorkin revealed a few interesting details about the current film he’s working on–an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Steve Jobs–including what kind of actor he envisions playing the title role. Read More


Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg Talk All Things Digital at NYU


Last night, two journalism veterans in a very young industry took the stage at NYU for the first installment of “Inside the Internet Garage,” a series of interviews wherein titans from the various corners of tech will reflect on the last 20 years of the Internet. Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg have chalked up many firsts in their careers: Mr. Mossberg was one of, if not the first, mainstream columnist to write about personal technology in plain English; Ms. Swisher was the first person to tell the Wall Street Journal that it needed to launch a blog.

Moderator Aaron Cohen, an adjunct professor and the former CEO of Menupages, guided the merry pair down memory lane–and they were merry, teasing each other and their moderator. “Walt’s texting me right now,” Ms. Swisher announced at the start of the program. Read More