the robots are coming

No Big Deal, DARPA’s Just Building Space Wall-E

Artist's rendering.

Looks like DARPA is still hard at work combing through that office video library for new ideas. Wired reports that the Pentagon’s resident mad scientists have just released an update on their Phoenix project, an attempt to make satellites less earth-shatteringly expensive. And what have the brains in the basement (we assume their office is in a basement and also looks like the set of the IT Crowd) dreamed up? 

Basically, it’s Wall-E in space. Read More

Pixar Perfect

Pixar-Crazed Programmer Builds His Own Wall-E

Mr. Senna, right, with his Wall-E. (Photo: Sennaswalle)

Mike Senna, the man responsible for creating a life-size R2D2, has again pored himself into the construction of a beloved movie character. And this one’s bound to tickle Pixar geeks: he made a working Wall-E!

A programmer by day and a hobbyist by night, the Orange County-based Mr. Senna spent two years painstakingly combing through Wall-E in order to build a life-size, functioning replica of the film’s titular character. Read More