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Rumor Roundup: Nicholas Megalis Pretends to Retire and The Mindy Project Loves Tinder

Hmmm. (Photo:

We barely knew ye. Prolific Vine celeb and Betabeat fave Nicholas Megalis announced last night via radio show and dramatic vine that he is RETIRING and moving to the Poconos to chill out for a while.

“I’m done,” he said. “I’m just done. Like, I made investments in some small companies … but I’m gonna just sit on that for a little bit, but I got a cabin and I’m gonna chill in the Poconos for a little bit.”

“You’re literally going out on top,” the radio host said.

“My world isn’t the same right now,” another woman in the studio lamented. (Yes, Viners can be dramatic.) Read More


Rumor Has It That Vivian Schiller May (Or May Not) Be Twitter’s New Head of News

Her Twitter picture. (Photo: Twitter)

AllThingsD is reporting that NBC News exec Vivian Schiller is switching her allegiance from one bird to another. She is a “lock” for Twitter’s head of news position and the deal is “all but done” for her to join the social network, writes the website.

If the deal is completed, sources told AllThingsD that Ms. Schiller will take a “significant period” of time off before joining Twitter. In her role, she will serve as a liaison between the San Francisco-based website and press agencies. Read More