Public Charging Stations Could Give Your Phone Digital STDs


If you have a smartphone, chances are it’s usually dying. Thankfully, public charging stations are finally popping up all over the place–but you might want to think before using them, because they are coincidentally the perfect vehicle for viruses.

Hackers at a convention in Las Vegas last month showed that it’s possible to hack a phone through its charger, forcing the phone to make a call but also pointing out that hackers could use such technology to steal information. Read More

The Bad Kind of Viral

Awesomely-Named Russian Koobface Gang Allegedly Responsible for Non-Awesome Facebook Virus


Investigators at Facebook and a number of independent computer security firms, including Sophos, allege that five-man Russian gang is responsible for a computer worm that has been plaguing social networks, including Facebook, since 2008. The ne’er-do-wells, who call themselves the Koobface gang (because why not), have been “living comfortably” and “in plain sight” in St. Petersburg, according to the New York Times.

The millions they’ve gleaned from online schemes has been spent on luxury trips to Monte Carlo, Bali, and Turkey (see aforementioned why not).

Facebook, however, plans to put an end to all that. Today, says the Times, the social network plans to begin sharing intel about the group and how to fight them. “It believes public namings can make it harder for such groups to operate and send a message to the criminal underground.” Read More