Content Monster Gary Vaynerchuk Is Launching His Own Talent Agency for Vine Stars

Mr. Vaynerchuk (Screenshot: Vine)

In the future, everyone will receive their 15 minutes six seconds of fame, at least according to VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk, who has spared no expense in his insatiable quest for content. When last we checked in with Mr. V, he was having an employee Vine him on the toilet in order to worship at the throne of Content, which he believes is “the cost of entry to relevance in today‚Äôs society.”

Now, Mr. Vaynerchuk intends to monetize other people’s six-second pooping episodes by founding a talent agency. For people who Vine. Read More

Go Gadget Go

People Will Think Less of You When You Show Them Your BlackBerry Z10

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 11.30.07 AM

In 2006, I came to college and I had a flip phone, which did not make me feel inadequate because in 2006, almost every other college student had a flip phone, except this one kid in my French class who was very tall and thin and an American Apparel model.

His father founded a major American novelty restaurant chain, and he brought his skateboard into class every day (he skateboarded to class), and he was the first person to make me feel inadequate for having a flip phone (actually not the first to make me feel inadequate about not being able to skateboard), even though he was really friendly to me.

He had a BlackBerry 8700c, and I thought, like, “Why would a freshman in college need a cell phone that costs like $86/month? He must be important,” because the only other person I knew who had a BlackBerry was my ex-girlfriend’s dad who worked for Citibank (also important). Read More