Technical Difficulties

Virgin Group Unveils Tech Support Service, Which Is Funny Because Virgin America’s Website Still Doesn’t Work

A Space Age airline with a Dark Ages reservation system.

Update at the bottom with a statement from Virgin America.

We reported on Virgin America’s technical difficulties back in November, after a switch to a new reservation system left some users out on the tarmac. Customers encountered weird glitches when they tried to view their accounts or book a flight, and the customer service line was overwhelmed with inquiries. At the time, the problems had been ongoing for a month. And we thought that was bad. Virgin America customers are still running into glitches three months later.

PandoDaily’s Paul Carr wrote about it. Random other people with blogs wrote about it. Even though Virgin Atlantic America (see disambiguation) told Mr. Carr the service would be fixed by mid-February (first week in December was what they told us), customers are still complaining of errors. Read More

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Virgin America Responds to Customer Complaints About Borked Site


The Virgin America rep sounded contrite. The airline switched reservation systems on October 28, Abby Lunardini told Betabeat, which essentially meant changing the entire site’s backend, and some though not all patrons have had errors because of it: trouble changing seats, canceling flights and accessing flight history, mostly. The change and subsequent trouble have backed up the airline’s call centers severely. “We’ve been working through the issues and made some fixes this past week and over the weekend,” she said. “We’re really very apologetic because it’s definitely not our typical service. We’re hoping we’re going to have the last web errors resolved by first week in December.” Read More