Beer Me

High-Tech Fridge Denies Beer to Non-Canadians

She thirsty. (Screengrab: YouTube)

It’s a common problem: you’re walking down the street in a European tourist destination and you come upon a giant fridge with a beer logo on it.

But try as you might, you can’t get it to open. Instead of buying a beer elsewhere, you beckon fellow passersby to show them the cruel appliance. A crowd forms. Finally, a Canadian walks up, slides her passport into the high-tech fridge scanner, and the fridge pops open. Free beer for everyone! (Shhh, don’t worry about laws against drinking in public.) Read More

Planet Reddit

What Happens When a Mob of Redditors Congregate to Solve—or Not Solve—a Reddit Mystery


Yesterday, a Reddit user named “delverofsecrets” posted on the social news site claiming that a homeless man had wordlessly handed him a note on the subway encrypted with some sort of code. The site’s users immediately jumped on it, and one named SirSpam28 cracked it: “It uses the Bifid Cipher as I said before, with a g -> a alphabet translation,” he wrote. Read More

15 Minutes Into the Future

Hey, a New Use for LinkedIn: A Viral Marketing Campaign for Prometheus

Faux Mr. Weyland in a faux TED Talk. (

Slightly strange emails from LinkedIn recruiters are nothing out of the ordinary. But writer and UX designer Dustin Curtis (whose work you might recognize) reports that he recently opened his email to one from a James Holm, claiming to be a recruiter from the Weyland Corporation. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably from the exhaustive marketing campaign for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s return to the world of Alien. Perhaps you’ve seen the trailer disguised as a commercial for their shiny new model of android; here’s another that’s a spot-on faux TED talk.

That’s right: Unless someone has taken his fandom way too far, it looks like the Prometheus marketing team is using LinkedIn to further its viral marketing campaign.

Mr. Curtis reproduced the entire email at his blog. And boy, is it deadpan: Read More