YouTube Killed the Video Star

Study: U.S. Teens Prefer YouTube Stars Over Hollywood Celebs

Next on E! (Screengrab: YouTube)

With Vine stars creating SNL 2.0 and YouTube sensations like Shoenice chugging deadly amounts of liquor to entertain viewers, it’s no surprise that Internet-based stars are the celebrities being fawned over by today’s teens.

YouTube stars rose above mainstream celebrities in the results of a survey that ranked well-known personalities by their overall influence, Read More

Almost Famous: The Stars of Social Media

Teen Looks Cool in Flannel, Amasses 130,000 Instagram Followers

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When I was in middle school and high school, the popular kids’ followers were their less cool classmates. To be considered cool, you just needed your classmates’ seal of approval. You were cool or you weren’t; it wasn’t quantifiable.

Now, though, the Seth Cohens and Aaron Samuelses of yore have nothing on teens like @SpencerGoulding. Not only is he young, good-looking and stylish — he also has 130,000 Instagram followers endlessly praising his every digital move.

We haven’t been able to glean what, exactly, got him to his coveted spot as one of the most-followed teens on social media, and he didn’t respond to an interview request. So let’s do a deep dive and try to figure this one out. Read More

Law and Order

Vine Star Curtis Lepore Takes Plea Deal in Rape Case, Is a Major Dick About It

Curtis Lepore loving salsa. (Screenshot: Vine)

If you were ever wondering how to behave on the off chance that you’re accused of rape one day, do not follow Vine celeb Curtis Lepore‘s lead.

Here’s the back story: Mr. Lepore and Jessi Vazquez, known as Jessi Smiles, met through Vine, the six‐second video sharing service that’s mainly popular with teens. They started dating, and weren’t shy about broadcasting their relationship to their Vine and Twitter followers. Read More