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Hunter Moore, the Infamous King of Revenge Porn, Is Back With a New Smut Submission Site

(Photo: HunterMoore.TV)

Remember Hunter Moore, the 26-year-old porn proprietor whom the Village Voice wrote “makes a living screwing you?” Mr. Moore’s site, Is Anyone Up, served as a platform for scorned exes and bored hackers to submit nude photos of people without their consent, along with links to their Facebook or Twitter profiles. After disappearing from the revenge porn circuit for awhile, he appears to be back in action with a new site, HunterMoore.TV.

The site is bare bones so far, with a Hunter Moore logo and two buttons, “Submit” and “Advertise.” [Update: The new site will map photos to people’s addresses.] A welcome message penned by Mr. Moore himself outlines what the next iteration of Is Anyone Up will look like: Read More

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Hey Ho! Backpage Protesters Hit Village Voice on the Hottest Day of the Year

backpage-cruiser, owned by the Village Voice, is one of the more controversial web enterprises: according to some reports, it hosts 70 percent of the web’s sex ads. On Wednesday night, there were two protests outside the Voice’s offices in Cooper Square. One was led by radical feminists and evangelical Christians who compare Backpage to a pimp, hoping to shut it down the way Craigslist’s “adult services section” was shut down. The other protest was led by Backpage users: escorts, dommes, and rent boys, who say shutting down the site will run them out of business or onto the streets. Read More


Village Voice Union: If We Strike, We’re Starting a Competitor on Tumblr

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When media workers go on strike, they know how to get the word out. Village Voice employees are threatening a strike this week because of diminishing salaries and cuts to staff. But here’s an interesting twist! The staff is threatening to stop working for the Voice, as you’d normally expect in a strike, but they’re not going to stop working. The plan is to keep publishing–but on Tumblr, where Village Voice Media can’t sell ads against it: Read More