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All of Life Is a Zelda Game to Dennis Crowley

(Photo: Flickr)

If there was one salient lesson gleaned from the two-hour, day-glo sex romp that was Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, it was this: just pretend that life’s a video game. As it turns out, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley maintains the same mantra. At the Twofixsix conference in Brooklyn, presented by gaming magazine Kill Screen, Mr. Crowley told the crowd that his success in tech largely hinges on his love of video games. Read More

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North Korea Uses Call of Duty Footage in Creepy Propaganda Video [Updated]

(Photo: LiveLeak)

What do you do when you lack the technology to create your own simulation of New York City under missile attack? You use footage from video games, of course!

Kotaku reports that a new space race propaganda video put online by North Korea’s propaganda arm Uriminzokkiri depicts a city that looks an awful lot like New York being struck by missiles. Buildings begin to burn as an American flag waves overtop the footage. The video is couched as a dream sequence, showing the dreaming man aboard the rocket the country successfully tested in December. Read More

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Groundbreaking Educational Video Game Teaches Little Girls How to Be Upper East Side Socialites

(Screencap: Dress Up Games)

It’s so hard to instill the right values in your children these days. If you don’t teach them to be power-hungry, wealth-obsessed superficials, who will? With that in mind, a new video game from IDEA Studios may be the perfect holiday gift for your little one. It’s called Upper East Side Makeover, and it will turn your 10-year-old daughter into a Gossip Girl yet.

Where other video games might teach your child basic math or hand-eye coordination, Upper East Side Makeover offers the chance for your child to learn the crucial skills of proper exfoliation, backstabbing and vicious social climbing. Read More

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Redditor Builds a Portable Xbox 360, May Convince Xbox Players to Finally Leave the House

The finished product. (Photo: Imgur)

If your notion of a DIY project is “rosettes” crafted from duct tape, prepare to have your mind blown. A redditor with the username DBrizzle spent the last eight months hacking on a portable Xbox 360, and the results are rather magnificent.

DBrizzle took apart an old Xbox 360 slim and transformed it into a portable laptop-like device with a functioning Xbox 360. The device opens and closes like a laptop, and measures only a little over two inches when closed. The whole thing cost him about $520, which is about twice what an Xbox 360 currently costs. But getting to play the new Borderlands 2 somewhere other than a darkened room? Priceless. Read More

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Give His Regards to Broadway, But Andrew Lloyd Webber is Now Scoring Nintendo Games

(Photo: Digital Spy)

If getting the shit scared out of you at a Broadway showing of Cats was a rite of passage for you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the man responsible for that feline phenomenon is putting his immeasurable talents to good use by penning music for Nintendo Wii games. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…into the arms of Dance Dance Revolution.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has signed on for a game cleverly called “Sing & Dance,” coming to a Nintendo Wii near you in mid-September. As one Observer arts reporter remarked, “This is like the equivalent of Orson Welles doing commercials in the ’80s.” Read More

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Hungry for Some Pac-Dots? A Retro Arcade is Opening on the Lower East Side


If you enjoy some pinball with your pints, you’ll be happy to hear that a new retro arcade–dubbed Two-Bits–will soon open at 153 Essex Street on the Lower East Side. Local blog Bowery Boogie spotted the signs announcing the new gaming spot a few days back. “Teaser signage, complete with punk-on-a-coin logo, arrived in the windows of 153 Essex late last week,” they wrote. “We’ve since noticed numerous pedestrians stopping themselves at the sight.”

Unfortunately, Two-Bit’s website is disappointingly sparse, offering only the signage in question and some unnecessary share buttons (one for MySpace, for example). In the meantime, maybe you can catch Tyler DeAngelo and his mobile Frogger game if you’re feeling especially nostalgic about ’80s arcade games.

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Reimagination of Classic Frogger Game Lets You Dodge NYC Traffic in Real Time

The modified Frogger game on 5th Ave. (

Here’s a project that neatly weds our collective video game nostalgia with modern technology: To celebrate the classic arcade game Frogger’s 30th birthday (and, let’s be real, in a not-so-subtle attempt to get his work into the Smithsonian), Tyler DeAngelo, a creative director at ad agency Devito/Verdi, redesigned the game based on real time traffic data. Read More