Tech Dirty to Me

This Bluetooth-Enabled Vibrator Might Bring Us Closer to Computer-Engineered Orgasms

Suki and Brian Dunham show off OhMiBod's new product, blueMotion, at their Babeland launch party. (Photo by Jordyn Taylor)

“Come over here and fuck me,” Brian Dunham said into the iPhone he was holding. A few seconds later, the vibrator in my hand pulsated to the rhythm of the sentence he’d just spoken.

We were stationed in Babeland‘s Soho boutique last Thursday, where Mr. Dunham and his wife, Suki, were launching the latest addition to OhMiBod, the line of sex toys they founded together in 2006. Their new invention—which I was demo-ing with Mr. Dunham—was blueMotion, a $129 Bluetooth-enabled wearable vibrator that the wearer or their partner can control through an app. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Out-of-Work Federal Employees Get to Have All the Fun (Well, All the Vibrators and Sugar Daddies)

Oh all right. (Photo:

Congress may have turned off the federal government, but it appears its jilted employees are more turned on than ever–and they’re finding satisfaction online in various ways.

First, the Internet caught wind of a series of Craigslist personal ads in which people purporting to be federal staffers sought consummation, sometimes for cash. Even some private-sector employees heroically put their pudenda on the line. Read More

XXX in Tech

This Handy Vibrator Is a Great Place to Store Your Pitch Decks

(Photo: Crave)

USB drives, it seems, are never around when you need them. Not only that, they’re frequently boring looking, amounting to barely more than little pieces of plastic and metal painted monochrome colors. It’s time to disrupt USB drives, don’t you think? Michael Topolovac, cofounder of Crave, certainly does, and that’s why he designed a USB drive that is also a vibrator. Wait…what? Read More

XXX in Tech

No-Fun NYPD Squashes Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

(Photo: Facebook)

First they came for smoking in parks, but we didn’t speak out because we don’t like to subject other people to our own waltz with death; then they came for the soda, but we didn’t speak out because we’re kind of impartial about sugary beverages. But when they came for the vibrators? That’s when shit got real.

The NYPD put the kibosh on Trojan’s vibrator giveaway yesterday, lamely claiming that the crowd had grown too large and Trojan needed a city permit.

“I’m 57 years old. I should be able to get a vibrator!” one outraged New York citizen told the New York Post, which could barely contain its glee at the overflowing opportunity for incredible puns. Read More

Sex and the Alley

Trojan Is Handing Out Vibrators From Repurposed Hot Dog Carts

(Photo: Facebook)

It’s the dog days of summer–humid and sticky and icky–so we can’t blame you if you’re looking for some sweet relief. If you’re pining for a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve an icy alcoholic beverage or a slab of street meat, perhaps Trojan can interest you in a lil’ somethin somethin.

According to the New York Times, the company is handing out free samples of its Tri-Phoria and Pulse “personal massagers.” You know what that means. ;) Read More