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Startup News: The Library of Congress Has a Twitter Problem

Congress Fail Whale (Photo:

API Rate Limit Exceeded Back in April of 2010, the Library of Congress promised to add every tweet up to that date to its famous archives. But like anyone following too many people at once, it’s just caused one big mess. The library now has an archive of approximately 170 billion tweets totaling to a compressed 133.2 terabytes. Now the librarians of Congress are planning to work with Gnip, the company currently organizing all of the data, to develop a plan for archiving all of the tweets.

Apparently there have already been more than 400 access requests to the Twitter archives from researches doing work on citizen journalism and political communications. Someone needs to teach the librarians how to make lists as soon as humanly possible. Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: TechStars, Hackathons and More Hackathons

xkcd minecraft

This week! In New York start-ups!

MINECRAFTATHON. Calling all hackerz! NYHacker Andrew Chin is organizing a Minecraft hackathon on Friday. Make teams. Build the most tricked-out possible structures in a friendly monster-free environment. “The event is supposed to be an informal and fun way of getting together and playing Minecraft,” Mr. Chin said. NYHacker will pick winning teams for the following categories: Community, epic, outrageous, style, and intricate. At Meetup HQ. Get in touch with Mr. Chin @nyhacker to sign up. They’re giving away five copies of the game to newcomers.

IN ALPHA NEWS: Okay, so VHX launched this week, but other New York social video channel curator Shelby.TV is zooming along in alpha over at TechStars. The app started by pulling in shared videos from users’ Twitter graph; on Monday, the company added Facebook integration.

SPEAKING OF TECHSTARS: The first NYC TechStars demo day is on Thursday at AOL Ventures and “expecting more than 500 Angel Investors and VCs to be there for the event,” the incubator announced. Read More

Web TV

Emmy Award-Winning Internet Fame Professors Debut New Video Service, VHX

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For a long time, web video platforms didn’t treat viewing the same way as traditional TV. Each clip was an autonomous unit. Maybe users got a few recommendations after they finished watching a video, but there was no sense of a continuous curated stream of entertainment like there is while watching network TV.

VHX, which launched today, is looking to use your social network to program your web video watching. Users open the service up to their contacts on Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, then get a dashboard of videos pulled from the friends they are following. Read More