Mobile Ambassadors Needed for Video Streaming App, No Uglies Allowed


Beautiful people only, plz. (Photo: Veetle)

Sometimes when it’s a boring news day, we like to troll the depths of Craigslist for story ideas, and today we unearthed quite a gem. It’s an ad posted to the NYC jobs section, seeking “mobile ambassadors” for the Valley-based startup Veetle, a Viddy-like service that allows users to stream live video clips.

Of course, you need active users to build a successful service like Veetle. If Reddit built their site with an army of fake accounts, Veetle will build its platform with an army of beautiful people, ugly users be damned.

“We’re looking for actors and actresses to be Mobile Ambassadors – aka use our free mobile app to broadcast their lives on a semi-regular basis,” reads the ad entitled “Good looking people needed.” “You will use the mobile app to to broadcast live (can be anything – trips to the store, gyms, conversations, anything random in your life… ).” Because who wants to watch ugly people doing mundane things? Read More

Down in the Valley

The Valley’s Vicious Cycle: Raise, Get Acquired, Repeat

Mr. Basch (Photo: LinkedIn)

If anyone is familiar with the Valley’s success method du jour, it’s Diego Basch. Mr. Basch founded IndexTank, a hosted search tool that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2009. Today, he hit the front page of Hacker News with a post about how to exploit Silicon Valley “for profit (and maybe fun).”

Mr. Basch’s parable is a familiar one: An average Joe goes to Silicon Valley, raises money even though he doesn’t really agree with the VC’s philosophies, builds a company with the express intent of getting acquired by a larger company, sells the company and makes bank. Only then does he finally have enough money of his own to build something he actually cares about. Read More