Booting Up: The Machines Turn on the Science Fiction Fans Edition

Neil Gaiman shows off his Hugo for fans who missed out on the livestream. (Photo: Twitter)

Sorry, musicians: Unless you’re already Lady Gaga, streaming services probably aren’t going to net you much money. [The Next Web]

This weekend, copyright robots shut down Ustream’s livestream of the Hugo Awards, just as author Neil Gaiman won for his (pretty great) Doctor Who episode. Scifi fans are not happy. [io9]

There’s an app for that, and by “that” we mean war. [The Wall Street Journal]

Cambodia plans to hand the founder of The Pirate Bay over to Sweden. Unless, of course, Ecuador wants to make a habit of hiding Internet-beloved Swedes in its embassies. [Reuters]

“Meanwhile, AntiSec says it will not provide further statements or interviews until a mysterious request is fulfilled – to have a photo of a Gawker staff writer dressed in a tutu featured on the company’s homepage.” [The Next Web]