So College

Students Actually Convincing Colleges to Let Them Major in Tweeting

How else do you expect to find friends like this?

Usually, when your rich uncle mansplains how to become a successful lawyer/banker/doctor/midlife-crisis-haver at Thanksgiving dinner every year, he will counsel you, “Don’t major in underwater basket-weaving or English, whatever you do.”

Well, there might be a new joke major in town, joining the Communicationses and Philosophies and Anthropologies before it: social media. Read More

Go Home Science You're Drunk

With Creation of Glow-in-the-Dark Bunnies, Science Finally Makes Itself Useful

We know what we want for Easter next year (Screengrab: Buzz60)

If you’re sick of your regular everyday bunny, you’re in luck: a bunch of crazy Turks have bred a colony of glow-in-the-dark rabbits plucked straight from your <em>Donnie Darko</em> nightmares.

The crackpot scheme is being branded as “an attempt to advance research into treatments for life-threatening genetic diseases,” USA Today reports. Read More

ok mom

Helicopter Parents Now Using Find My iPhone to Ensure Teens Aren’t Making Out With Each Other

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Ah, your first cell phone. If you’re an older millennial, it didn’t come until high school, and parents were still dumb enough to believe you when you claimed you never got any of their calls after dark.

Teens these days, though, are dealing with parents who have a better grasp on tech — and those parents are using apps like Find Your iPhone to monitor their kids’ whereabouts 24/7, USA Today reports. Read More

Sheryl Says

Sheryl Sandberg SWEARS Lean In Isn’t Just a Way to Tee Up a Political Run

Boss. (Photo:

Did you think you were going to be able to escape talking about Lean In if you just kept quiet for a few days? How wrong you were! Sheryl Sandberg’s kinda-sorta manifesto is everywhere this week: 60 MinutesCosmo, and Time have all run big, splashy features on the Facebook COO. The latest to join the love-fest: USA Today.

But in her interview with the USA Today, Ms. Sandberg took the time to push back on one common assumption about her plans for the next few years: Read More

This Happened

Cats’ Rights Group Attacks ‘Anti-Cat’ Propaganda in New York Times

(Photo: Wikipedia)

A group of cats rights activists are decidedly not amused by the recent backlash against the Internet’s favorite mascot. Last week, the New York Times ran a story called “That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think” based on a Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute report, which set off a firestorm of “Cats are killers!” stories–angering cat ladies everywhere. Read More