Off the Media

Even Data Journalists Like Klein and Silver Aren’t Above Hack Tactics


We live in a new world of “method journalism.”

In it, bright minds like Nate Silver and Ezra Klein have staked out new media territory, defined by the style in which their writers produce content. It’s supposed to be a new golden age for content, driven by hard data in Silver’s case, and simplified explanation in Klein’s.

Except of course, they’re not. It’s just the same pageview journalism dressed up with better rhetoric. The same end, just different means. Read More

The Year Observed

The 13 Most Internet Things of 2013


While some people may have spent 2013 paying attention to current events, fashion or culture, we at Betabeat spent the past 12 months absorbing dumb Internet things, as always. What makes a thing an Internet thing? It has to be something that wouldn’t have occurred pre-Internet, and it has to be absurd. Read More