The Unreasonable Application

Mr. Phoenix.

Jordan Phoenix is a personal development coach and social entrepreneur in New York City. He is the director and founder of Project Free World. 

What’s the most unreasonable thing you’ve ever tried to do?

According to best-selling author Tim Ferriss, shooting for unrealistic goals is the best way to go. He believes the competition is much less fierce that way, as only a small handful of souls will actually be brave enough to believe that they are capable of achieving such feats.

For the past 72 hours, I have been racing the clock to complete an “Unreasonable Challenge” of my own.

You see, this very article that you are reading right now is part of my application process for a chance to join the Unreasonable Institute team in Boulder, Colorado. They are an international startup accelerator that essentially provides high-impact entrepreneurs with everything they need to turn good ideas into highly successful, socially conscious enterprises. Read More