The Way We Live Now

Project Urges People to Disconnect From the Internet for 24 Hours, Which Is Seriously Not That Hard, You Guys

RIP Betabeat staffer. (Photo: Digimegirl)

Look, we are among the worst offenders of 24/7 digital connection. We rudely pull out our phone during dinner and we check our email when we wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes we think our Netflix queue *gets* us in a way no person ever has or will. But when it comes to disconnecting for 24 hours, putting that device in a drawer and going out and enjoying the sunshine? It’s not something we really fret over.

But perhaps we are in the minority. The Reconnect Project, which is planned for this Sunday, September 2, urges the 84 percent of people who said they couldn’t go 24 hours without their mobile device to disconnect for the day and reclaim their lives IRL. Read More