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The Kids Are Alright–As Long as You Don’t Make Them Work In Finance or Consulting

Let the slogan t-shirts be your guide.

A recent survey of about 6,700 college grads by the research firm Universum found that roughly one in five listed Google as the most desirable place to work. It was joined at the top of the list by Apple (no. 2), Facebook (no. 3), Amazon (no. 6), Microsoft (no. 8). Even Electronic Arts made it near the top at no. 15.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google also topped Universum’s first ever survey last year. Guess they heard about that food truck giving out knockoff Momofuku cookies at Googleplex East. Either that or the restricted stock units they’re doling out like candy.

But the tech sector’s popularity may have been the financial sector’s loss. Read More