The Future Will See You Now

Researchers Plan Test to Determine Once and For All Whether We’re Living Inside the Matrix


Possibly stoned NASA scientists have already conjectured that we may live inside a computer, much to the delight of Matrix fans. Now, researchers at the University of Washington–a state which just legalized recreational marijuana!–are planning the first-ever test to determine whether or not our world really is a super sophisticated computer simulation. Duuuuude.
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All Of This Has Happened Before

Study Shows Most Humans Are Willing to Hold Robots Morally Accountable


To prepare for Judgement Day a future that involves communicating with our artificially intelligent friends, psychologists at the University of Washington conducted a study to see what that might look like.

In particular, researchers were concerned with whether people would be willing to hold robots morally accountable for their actions. And why, pray tell, would we need to do that? “We’re moving toward a world where robots will be capable of harming humans,” explains associate professor Peter Kahn. Okay then! Thanks for the heads up? Read More