Resistance is Futile

‘Cyborg Attack’ in Parisian McDonald’s Does Not Bode Well for Google Glasses

Mr. Mann (Photo: EyeTap Blog)

On Monday, a post by University of Toronto professor Steve Mann about an attack he experienced at a Parisian McDonald’s made it to the front page of Hacker News. In an emotional retelling, Mr. Mann recounted how, while on a family vacation in Paris, a trio of McDonald’s employees physically harassed and abused him for wearing a pair of computer glasses called “EyeTap Digital Glass,” a version of which he’s donned since the 1980s.

Apparently accustomed to shifty stares and inappropriately-timed questions, Mr. Mann carries around paperwork from his doctor that outlines the device’s functionality, in order to quell any nervousness or dark fascination that might arise while traveling. Of course, stuffing your face with french fries at a fast food doesn’t usually require furnishing medical paperwork.

The eyeglass system Mr. Mann was wearing is permanently attached and can’t be removed without special tools. It includes a literal retina display that turns your eye into a camera. As such, the eye that uses the display has the appearance of  a digital glass eye, and also has the added benefit of making Mr. Mann look like a badass member of the Borg. Read More