Smartphones Make You Lazy

Blame Your Friends For Your Smartphone Addiction

Betabeat team photo. (Photo: Flickr)

Science has finally stopped being drunk and proved that dicking around on your phone is contagious. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, a person is twice as likely to pretend to look busy on their device if friends or companions are doing the same. Nobody wants to look like a loser, okay?

Study co-author Dr. Daniel Kruger and his team observed undergrads for four months at an unnamed university. The students, who didn’t know they were being watched, sat at tables for 20 minutes as researchers documented their phone usage: Read More

Be Cool Stay In School

The Case for College: You Say Keg Stand Like It’s A Bad Thing

sarah kunst

Minority Report is a guest column by Sarah Kunst, who does business development and product at fashion app Kaleidoscope. She’s a black, non-engineer female in tech, but plans to IPO anyway.

Few founder origin stories capture the nerd mind like “Hacker as dropout.” From Bill Gates at Microsoft to Box’s Adam Levie, and of course a little-known CEO named Zuck, the allure of leaving the dorm room behind to rake in billions seems irresistible.

Recently, this middle finger to the establishment of higher education has been codified by billionaire rabble rouser Peter Thiel. This past Sunday, for the second time in three months, the New York Times found cause for a close examination of the virtues of Mr. Thiel’s 20 under 20 Fellowship as a way for exceptional teenagers to pass college and collect $100,000 to spend on changing the world. Granted, participants aren’t your typical undeclared freshmen at State College U. Rather, they’ve already exhibited Mensa-level intelligence, with a work ethic to match.

What doesn’t coordinate quite as well? Their social lives. A recent night saw several Thiel fellows–all under legal drinking age–at a San Francisco house party described by one attendee as “tech hippies doing drugs and sitting in a cuddle pile.” Read More