Institutions Notice This Internet Thing, Suddenly Want to Archive It All

We'll just leave this here for posterity. (Screencap via the Wayback Machine)

The Internet’s history is a precarious thing, as anyone still mourning for GeoCities can tell you.¬†Preservational¬†efforts have been enthusiastic, but haphazard:¬†Google has a substantial chunk of Usenet preserved, and the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is the Amazon basin of K Holes, but just try finding that random page where you read that thing about Spiderman a decade ago.

Well, in the last couple of years, universities and other institutions have apparently realized there’s a whole big treasure trove of information clogging up those InterTubes, and maybe they might want to participate in archiving it.

That makes sense, considering that Tumblr alone could provide dissertation fodder for generations of anthropology grad students. Read More