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Startup News: Bloomberg Wiring up NYC and Canadians Make Sweet Love to Songza

Mr. Bloomberg. (Twitter)

Time Warner Still Sucks On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg made a big move toward ing promise to expand broadband in New York. He launched ConnectNYC, a contest for small businesses that will award free fiber cable wiring (overall value of up to $12 million) to 240 local businesses across the five boroughs over the next two years. But will it make slow cashiers go faster?

All Your Dwollas Belong To Us Dwolla, the way to pay people via smartphone, just rolled out a cool feature called MassPay. It allows you to pay up to 2,000 people at once, which is great for business owners or degenerate gamblers who have a lot of friends. Payments under 10 dollars are free, while anything higher than that requires a small fee of 25 cents per transaction. Parking Panda, VHX and Major League Gaming have all pledged to start using the service immediately. Read More

Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Unigo’s One-Stop, People-Powered College Resource Guide Scores $1.6 M. from Newly-Splintered McGraw-Hill


It’s always a real confidence booster when the old guard comes a courtin’. Today, Unigo, the New York startup that Walt Mossberg called a “college resource built for the age of YouTube and Facebook,” announced it has received $1.6 million in funding from The McGraw-Hill Companies. It seems the publishing giant hasn’t wasted any time trying to pivot into the digital space. And no wonder, earlier this week McGraw-Hill announced it would be spinning off its education division amid stalled stock prices.

But that’s not the only old school company embracing Unigo’s unique formula of surprisingly comprehensive reviews from college students and counselors. The student review section in the US News & World Report’s rankings and directories will also now be powered by Unigo. The funding will be used to expand into grad schools and accredited universities outside the US and develop partnerships with other publishers. Read More