Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Finally Names Sheryl Sandberg to Its Board of Directors

Boss. (Photo: flickr.com/jurvetson)

According to a tweet sent out a few moments ago by @CNBC, Facebook has officially named COO Sheryl Sandberg to its board of directors. The Facebook team confirmed the move on their press page. We’d hasten to congratulate the social network on this one, but then we remember that she should’ve been on the board in the first place. C’est la vie.

But maybe the move will satisfy the woman’s group Ultraviolet, which previously held protests to pressure the company into adding a woman to its all-male board. (Turnout was slim.) The group also posted a petition back in April with the same goal. Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Women’s Rights Group Plans Protest for Tomorrow at Facebook’s NYC HQ


At the beginning of April, progressive women’s rights group UltraViolet announced a petition that aimed to convince Facebook to add a woman to its currently all male, all white board. Looks like Facebook hasn’t bowed to their demands just yet, so UltraViolet is planning a rally tomorrow outside of Facebook’s NYC office on Madison Ave.

Feminist activist Shelby Knox, she of early aughts documentary fame, tweeted the following: “Tomorrow, feminists are rallying in front of Facebook’s NYC office to ask them to put women on their board. Join us?”

The rally is scheduled for tomorrow, April 25th, at noon, when UltraViolet intends to deliver the signed petition to the Facebook offices.