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Sexist Regulations Ban Some Female Orgasms from UK Porn

The new regulations come as a blow to makers of fetish porn. (Getty)

This is bad news for anyone with a gripe about government censorship, and also for Brits who like BDSM.

As per the 2014 Audiovisual Media Services Regulations, the UK government has banned a whole heap of sex acts, including spanking and fisting, from appearing in video-on-demand (VoD) online porn—in other words, any porn you pay for. Now, VoD porn has to comply with the same regulations that govern porn sold on DVDs in sex shops. Read More


British Movie Theaters Ban Google Glass a Week After its UK Debut

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.53.00 AM

It was only last week that Google made Glass available in the UK for £1,000 (about US$1,700), but British movie theater chains are already banning Glass Explorers from wearing their new tech toys to the movies, The Independent reports.

The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, which represents 90 percent of UK cinema operators, said that British Glass owners will be asked to remove their devices in the theaters, even when movies aren’t playing. Vue Cinemas, which owns 80 UK theaters, is going to be a little more lenient, asking Explorers to remove their glass after the lights dim. Read More

Vote For Selfie

Selfie Denied: UK Trains Polling Staff to Stop Voting Booth Selfies

No filter (Flickr).

Selfie nation is going to the polls.

Fearing that voters in today’s elections might accidentally reveal the contents of their ballots, the UK’s Electoral Commission is taking serious steps to stop people from taking so many gosh darn selfies in their voting booths, the BBC reports.

Although taking photos in the voting booth technically isn’t against the law, the Electoral Commission fears posting the photos to social media could compromise the anonymity of the secret ballot — an act that is punishable by law.  Read More

sweet sweet revenge

Man Texts Entire Works of Shakespeare to Punish Fraudster Who Wouldn’t Send Him PS3

Edd Joseph, our hero. (Facebook)

A UK man is currently texting the entire works of Shakespeare to a fraudulent online vendor who refused to send him the PS3 he’d purchased. Ugh — how are British people so classy, even when they’re getting revenge on each other?

It all started when 24-year-old Edd Joseph paid £80 for a PS3 on Gumtree, and the vendor never delivered it to him, the Telegraph reports. Read More

XXX in Tech

Brits Will Soon Have to Inform Their ISPs If They Want to See Porn

Not who I want to talk porno with, really. (Photo by David Bebber - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

While everyone in America frantically cracks jokes about the spawn of Will n’ Kate on Twitter, actual Britons are a little distracted. The Guardian reports that their prime minister is about to introduce a broad crackdown on Internet pornography, which he believes is “corroding childhood.”

Soon, anyone who wants access to the dirty stuff will have to formally inform their ISP; otherwise, it’ll be blocked by default. For the children. Because repressing everything naughty sure made the Victorians healthy and normal and definitely not weirdly preoccupied with spanking. Read More