Kickstarter Unveils a Redesign for Project Pages

(Photo: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen announced today on the company’s blog that project pages for the crowdfunding site have gotten a major makeover. Now it will be easier to find information about projects like that sketchy open source game console Ouya. Rejoice!

Though we’re no UI experts, Kickstarter’s original project pages could be described as “cluttered” and “confusing” at best. Mr. Chen hopes this redesign will make absorbing information about projects you might want to back much easier. Read More


Bitly Responds to Redesign Blowback: ‘Keep the Feedback Coming’


Link sharing service Bitly angered the Internet earlier this week with a convoluted redesign that obscured one of its most favored functionalities, URL shortening for Twitter. Even Roger Ebert was really mad about it, and if anyone is an accurate portrayal of the zeitgeist, it is clearly him.

Following the debacle, Bitly took to its blog to defend itself against the hoards of furious Internet types, writing, “We’ve clearly heard the concerned feedback of our users who were used to the old bitly and relied on our service for daily usage….We’ll continue to quickly iterate based on what we hear from all of you, so keep the feedback coming!” Read More