Keeping On

Uber Gets New Logo, Preps for Europe Launch. But Is the Startup Phoning It In in New York?


On-demand car service Uber has had a bit of trouble seguing into New York and now even has competition on its tail in the upstart Groundlink. Betabeat broke the story that two of the three Uber employees resigned in September, just four months after the office opened. Now the company is gearing up for a launch in Europe (a landgrab for the mobile app enabled car service market) and this morning revealed a new logo. “Words that come to mind:¬†Distinguished, Efficient, Elegant, Convenient, Modern, Luxurious, Quality, Service, Baller, Like-Woah,” says Uber in the announcement. Read More

Before the Storm

Hurricane Hysteria Could Be Uber’s Chance to Get Noticed In New York

Corporate cars. (Screenshot via Uber)

With talk of the city’s mass transit being shut down, Betabeat wondered if we’d even be able to get a cab. Then it hit us–this could be Uber’s moment. New Yorkers are set it in their ways when it comes to navigating the grid–most residents have a working knowledge of the quickest routes, which are usually trains, and if not it’s easy enough to grab a yellow cab or a black car if it’s Saturday or you’re in Bushwick or something. So Uber’s spendy private cab delivery service has been buoyed mostly by SF-NYC frequent fliers, and ignored by the large majority of New Yorkers. Like, who needs it? Read More