Delivery From Inconvenience

New Shipping App Means You Never Have to Deal With the Post Office Again

Look how seemingly fun and easy it is to ship things now! (Shyp)

We know it’s a total #millennialproblem, but mailing stuff is really hard — especially objects that aren’t letters. You have to find the right-sized box, haul it to the post office, and then wait in line for the person behind the desk to inevitably yell at you when she discovers you wrote the return address in the wrong place. The whole thing is really traumatizing, if you ask us.

But starting today, you can download Shyp, an app that takes all the headache out of the package mailing process. All you have to do is take a photo of the item you want to mail, and specify where you’d like it to go. Shyp takes care of the rest. They’ll immediately send somebody to your home or office to package your shipment and transport it to Shyp’s warehouse, from which point it’ll be sent off on its merry way with the appropriate shipping carrier. Shyp will even deal with all the customs stuff, if you’re sending something internationally. Read More