Facebook Faceoff

Sorry, Facegbook: Facebook Wins Lawsuit Over Domain Squatters

Lock it up. (Photo: Smedio)

Typing Facebook.com on a roller coaster just got so much easier! A U.S. District Court in California has awarded Facebook a victory against several so-called typosquatters–companies that buy domains names similar in spelling to big websites, then profit off of users’ terrible typing skills.

More than 100 domains that involved variations of the word Facebook (i.e. facesbook.com, facebof.com, or our favorite, facebookforteens.com) were found being controlled by just a few companies with names that sound like they were ripped from a Law and Order script (lookin’ at you, Domain Inc.). They didn’t respond to allegations of violating the social network’s trademark for profit, so Facebook was awarded a default judgement of $3 million in statutory damages.  Read More