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City Startup Market Prophit Curates the Tweets Bankers Read to Strike Gold


Market Prophit generates an accuracy score for each Twitter user chiming in on the market conversation and creates charts about the larger digital dialogue–like a Klout score. Users can compare themselves to financial pundits, Jim Cramer’s tweeted market predictions prove quite accurate, and compete amongst themselves for the best accuracy ranking. Alternatively, traders can use the real time charts about market chatter to make their trades. Read More

Antisocial Media

Study: Too Much Tweeting Leads to Cheating, Breakups

It's basically just this over and over. (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)

We’ve all convinced ourselves that our habits of constantly checking Twitter and broadcasting our every thought aren’t actually affecting any other areas of our lives. But a new study shows that maintaining an active Twitter presence could be bad for your romantic relationships, despite being totally awesome for your precious personal brand.

The research comes from the University of Missouri, where doctoral student Russell Clayton “found a positive correlation between Twitter use and relationship woes,” Mashable reports. He surveyed 581 adult Twitter users, asking them about their Twitter activity and how often they argue with significant others. Read More