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Hundreds of British Cops Busted For Acting Like Idiots on Facebook

Not sexting. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Hundreds of British cops are being investigating for acting naughty on social media.

For the past five years, cops over on Knife Island allegedly did a lot of stupid things on Twitter and Facebook, including send friend requests to victims, send Facebook messages that were seen as “abusive in nature” and posted pictures of their coworkers in “compromising positions.” Read More

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City Startup Market Prophit Curates the Tweets Bankers Read to Strike Gold


Market Prophit generates an accuracy score for each Twitter user chiming in on the market conversation and creates charts about the larger digital dialogue–like a Klout score. Users can compare themselves to financial pundits, Jim Cramer’s tweeted market predictions prove quite accurate, and compete amongst themselves for the best accuracy ranking. Alternatively, traders can use the real time charts about market chatter to make their trades. Read More