Instagram TV: The First Show You Can Binge Watch in 8 Minutes

They finally made it to the small screen (Photo via Artistically Challenged)

The way we consume media is changing. There’s more to pay attention to, and with a seemingly endless mess of digital content, we find ourselves paying attention to the snaps, vines and tweets that take up as little of our time each as possible.

So it’s about time television shows found a new medium, which just so happens to be the smallest screen you watch — the 612px X 612px Instagram screen. The app’s first TV series, “Artistically Challenged,” which premiered its first seven 15 second episodes on Tuesday, follows Nick, a young NYC artist as he struggles with failure and looks to stand out. He finds instant fame after telling a white lie but soon finds it comes with a price. Read More


Booting Up: BlackBerry Slashes Work Force by 300

The future. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

The dissolution of BlackBerry begins: It axed 300 employees from its Canadian headquarters. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a handy chart of the top 17 tech companies and the composition of their boards, with nary a woman in sight. [Valleywag]

San Francisco-based tech companies justify their tax breaks by giving back to the community with cocktail parties. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Dying Turntable.fm is launching a live streaming music concert series. [The Verge]

Nielsen’s new Twitter TV Ratings is a “load of crap” that’s designed to make both companies rich. [Defamer]