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Last Night at New York Tech Meetup: Condoms, Robots, and Bicycles

Representatives from Shindig, Skillcrush and Appguppy answer questions about their products.

Crowded into NYU’s Skirball center, the New York tech world got one step closer to developing Skynet Tuesday night at the monthly New York Tech Meetup, just one day after NYTM reached the 25,000 member mark.

“What I fell in love with was the community. I had not really had any tech in my background at all, and yet felt totally at home here,” gushed Jessica Lawrence, the managing director of NYTM, as she announced their membership accomplishments to cheers from the boisterous crowd.

Perhaps of more relevance to the future of our society—Jonathan Gottfried, a developer evangelist at Twilio, did a live demonstration of the TwilioBot 3000, a possible predecessor of assassin cyborgs. Mr. Gottfried was able to control the TwilioBot with his phone, sending it commands by typing numbers on his keypad … until he accidentally hung up on the TwilioBot. Read More


People Are Mad Stoked About This New Twilio Client


Twilio powers a ton of New York-based apps from the multi-millionaire start-up GroupMe to the socially-minded TechCrunch Disrupt hack Joinable, which is why we end up writing about the San Francisco start-up so much. Now Twilio is offering Twilio Client, a new API that makes it easy for developers to add Skype-like capabilities into web, iPhone, and Android apps, enabling two-way calls within the apps or to landlines.

The reaction from local developers was tantamount to a Jobsian sort of “this changes everything–AGAIN.” Read More

Curios’s Billy Chasen Built an SMS Door Lock With Twilio

sms lock

When he’s not too busy keeping fast growing companies like from coming apart at the seams, Billy Chasen likes to hack together little projects. Since he hates keys, he built this SMS activated lock which lets him open, close and check the status of his office door by sending a text message.

It reminds Betabeat of the amazing Foursquare activated door the guys at built when they accidentally invited the whole internet to their New Year’s Eve party. Read More

App Economy

Textingly Seeds the Web With SMS Apps

Us on a plane.

In a smart expansion of its current offerings, local start-up Textingly, which helps businesses manage their SMS interactions with customers, is building out an app platform to integrate their services with some big web companies.

Users of the more than 18 million WordPress blogs, for example, can now add a Textingly widget to their Read More

Start-Up Fashion

Start-Up Fashion: John Britton

John Britton's Converses

Twilio developer evangelist John Britton always wears a red track jacket (the company’s color) and these Twilio logo-emblazoned Converses when he goes to events. The outfit makes him easy to spot. “Nobody wears red at hackathons,” he said.

Start-Up Fashion highlights the style choices of techies in the start-up scene. Read More