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TV Streaming Service Includes Coffee So You’ll Finally Stay Awake Through ‘Mad Men’

Yeah, pourquoi? (Screengrab: Insomnycoffee.canalplay.com)

With the holidays in full swing, chances are you’re looking forward to some time off at the end of this month. And thanks to Netflix, you don’t have to leave the house and fraternize with your hometown frenemies.

Instead, why not stare at a screen for 12 hours while your mom brings you bowl after bowl of hot popcorn and leftovers? It’s the millennial way!

But sometimes all that sitting still can get tiring–it’s pretty similar to sleeping, after all. To combat this, one French TV streaming service, Canalplay, is now including promo codes for free artisanal coffee beans with a two-month free trial, PSFK reports. Read More

the ratings game

Nielsen Is Now Tracking Your Annoying Tweets About Television

More of this. (Photo: Twitter)

Look at what you Scandal fans did: TV ratings service Nielsen will now track your show-related tweets, as part of a new strategy to better track the “unique audience” of each program.

The New York Times reports that the new, creatively titled product called “Twitter TV Ratings,” will measure every tweet and conversation related to what’s happening on the tube and how far they reach. Twitter’s betting big on TV for ad dollars–the word appears more than 40 times in the company’s IPO filing. Read More

Disrupt This

Sweet, Sweet Stasis: Lazyglasses Let You Watch TV While Lying Flat on Your Back

Hehe (Photo: Thinkgeek.com)

Do you ever wake up with a terrible stiffness in your neck because you spent half the night prior propped up on your elbow marathoning a Netflix show? A simple pair of glasses retailing at Think Geek promises to let you enjoy multimedia from your TV or laptop while laying flat on your back for the low, low price of $15.99, shipping and handling and looking like a total nerd. Read More


Booting Up: Netflix Is Finally Going to Ditch Microsoft Silverlight

Bye bye. (Photo: Netflix)

If you were hoping to get rich off of being one of the first to build apps for Google Glass, think again: Google has prohibited developers from using ads or charging for apps. We’re betting Google wants to keep  that potential ad revenue all to itself. [The Verge]

Sources tell Bloomberg Twitter is seeking a deal with Viacom and Comcast that would allow it to host clips (as well as ads alongside those clips) on the site. Can’t you at least verify @Jack’s parents first? [Bloomberg]

Binge-watching shows is about to get a whole lot easier: Netflix is finally ditching Microsoft Silverlight in favor of HTML5 video. [The Verge]

IBM execs are headed to Washington to try to convince politicians to pass CISPA. Paging Alexis Ohanian! [Hillicon Valley]

Cory Booker’s Waywire startup has finally launched in beta. [PandoDaily]

McAfee Speaks

Sorry, Suckers: Montreal Production Company Secures Rights to Inevitable John McAfee Biopic

Like Romeo and Juliet. (Photo: Robert King/Vice)

When not blogging from a prison cell, antivirus software creator John McAfee is reportedly busy planning the next iteration of his media blitz: The Hollywood Reporter writes that Mr. McAfee has successfully sold his life rights to a TV production company called Impact Future Media.

Mr. McAfee has skillfully played the media these past few months, getting a Wired reporter to speak on his behalf and telling his story to Gizmodo before inviting Vice to join him in his escape from Belize. That decision ended with his capture when a Vice employee published an iPhone photo still containing the metadata that revealed his location. Mr. McAfee still managed to temporarily convince Vice‘s photographer to lie for him. Read More