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Alexis Ohanian, Rap Genius and Other Y Combinator Grads Hate on Silicon Valley at NYU Panel

"Leave me alone." (Photo: Twitter)

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian hosted a talk at NYU last night featuring a slew of fellow Y Combinator grads. The Rap Genius guys were all there, as was Shoptiques founder Olga Vidisheva, and Tutorspree founders Aaron Harris and Josh Abrams. The conversation mostly revolved around all of their transitions from the business world to the tech scene, but the night got interesting when Mr. Ohanian urged the panel to hate on Silicon Valley.

“We were hating on the Bay Area,” he said. “And I think we should do that a little more.” Read More

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Seven Startups That Will Pay Devs, Designers, and ‘Hustlers’ $5,000 To Move to New York City

Come Work in NYC

You’d be hard pressed to find an aspiring banker or model or writer or actor who would need much convincing to move to New York City. Not so with tech folks. In the face of competition from the Valley and giants like Facebook and Twitter, suddenly in our midst, seven startups have banded together for a campaign called Come Work in New York that promises to ply talented developers, designers, and “business people” with $5,000 to help them move to the city if they’re hired. Read More

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Tutorspree: We’re Hiring in NYC, Did We Mention We’re Y Combinator

“We just finished Y Combinator, got funding from some of the best investors in the world (East and West), and moved back to NYC,” says Tutorspree, an online marketplace for academic tutor’s that hopes to bring efficiency to the multi-billion dollar tutoring industry that currently lives on Craigslist and telephone poles. They’re hiring an engineering lead, design lead and PHP engineers. “In NYC, wish you were? Want to work for a @ycombinator company?” Tutorspree co-founder and Upper West Side denizen Aaron Harris tweeted. “Fast growing startup that recently graduated Y-combinator and moved back to NYC is hiring,” Chris Dixon echoed.