Booting Up: Up to 20 Million Accounts On Twitter Might Be Fake

Hmmmm. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

An independent researcher claims that there are 20 million fake accounts for sale on Twitter. [WSJ]

Apple has confirmed that it has bought 3D-sensor technology company PrimeSense for nearly $400 million. [AllThingsD]

Uber is helping drivers finance their new cars with a spate of new deals with auto manufacturers. [TechCrunch] is shutting down the “virtual DJ” portion of its website to focus on live events because that’s what the Internet needs. [TechCrunch]

Waze users now have the option of the directions being screamed at them by Kevin Hart and other assorted celebrities. [VentureBeat]


Booting Up: BlackBerry Slashes Work Force by 300

The future. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

The dissolution of BlackBerry begins: It axed 300 employees from its Canadian headquarters. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a handy chart of the top 17 tech companies and the composition of their boards,¬†with nary a woman in sight. [Valleywag]

San Francisco-based tech companies justify their tax breaks by giving back to the community with cocktail parties. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Dying is launching a live streaming music concert series. [The Verge]

Nielsen’s new Twitter TV Ratings is a “load of crap” that’s designed to make both companies rich. [Defamer]

Summer Jamz

Did’s Traffic Fly South for the Winter or Forever?

That's Betabeat on the dance floor with the lame avatar.

It’s possible Betabeat’s “Summer Jamz” tag for posts may have proved portentous. After looking at the site’s traffic and search trends, Digital Music News wonders, “Has the fickle internet already chewed this site up, spit it out, and moved onto something else?”

It echoes what a norms friend and former TTFM enthusiast said to us over coffee last weekend, “Remember when everyone was excited about!” She has since moved on to Spotify.

The tech press is just as eager to roast a failure as it to crown a startup prince (not us, of course, no never). But while the data is unverified, a unique visitor count from, ranking data from Alexa and Google search trend data all show a markedly similar downward-sloping curve after a steep spike in June and July. Read More