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Rumors & Acquisitions: A Zuck On Our Turf

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THE KICKSTARTER IS NOT ENOUGH. Turf Geography Club, the app that takes Foursquare and Monopoly and pronounces them man-and-wife, was oversubscribed for its Kickstarter round: $17,375 on a call for $15,000 from 185 backers, including RRE’s Adam Ludwin and the angelic Dave Tisch. Now the start-up has raised a real seed round, numerous sources told Betabeat, and has hired a¬†developer and a freelance artist. Creator Michael Tseng declined an interview. “We’re going into stealth mode, heads down in the aero-tuck if you will. Let’s postpone our chat until we’re prepared for launch,” he said in an email.

ZUCK GETS RETARDED.¬†Mark Zuckerberg was partying in Midtown Saturday night, and no one tweeted us? Page Six says Zuck was at Lavo with the Black Eyed Peas’ and and 10 male friends, “and the Peas bandmates joined them a short time later,” and they all ran up a $4,000 tab on Moet & Chandon Rose, Patron and Grey Goose. Read More