Booting Up: Yahoo! Takes Up Residence in Another Newspaper Building

The Chron. (Flickr, by juliandunn)

After announcing they’d move into the old New York Times building, out on the West Coast Yahoo is relocating to the old San Francisco Chronicle, as well. [Bloomberg]

Next year YouTube will open a production studio right here in New York City. Also, mobile now accounts for 40 percent of time spent watching the site’s videos. [The Wrap]

Steven Levy, who gets so many behind-the-scenes stories we’re starting to suspect he’s actually a breaking-and-entering artist, tells of how the new Moto X happened. [Wired]

“But this data, and Quantcast’s, suggests that Tumblr’s presence on the internet, or at least a major part of it, isn’t growing, but shrinking.” [BuzzFeed]

Guess what? There’s a science fiction movie coming to theaters that’s got some actual science in it. [Fast Company]

RebelMouse, the NYC startup helmed by HuffPo mafia member Paul Berry, raised $10.25 in series A funding. [Wall Street Journal]


Booting Up: Instagram Is Looking for a Political Outreach Manager in D.C.

Instagram enters DC. (Screengrab: Twitter)

Instagram is looking to hire a Washington, D.C.-based Political Outreach Manager to “manage and execute relationships” with politicos and to presumably teach Hillary Clinton how to take a proper selfie. [AdAge]

For Q2 earnings, Google reported $14.1 billion in revenue, but earnings per share checked in lower than expected at $9.56. [GigaOM]

It’s believed that a generic iPhone charger played a role in a electrocuting and killing that 23-year-old Chinese stewardess earlier this week. [ZDNet]

Since Microsoft had to take a $900 million write-down on Surface, surely the thing that doomed the tablet was advertising. Right? [CNET]

Tumblr is making it much more difficult for users to find NSFW content and everyone is so mad about it. [Daily Dot]

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Tumblr Asked You to Reset Your Password Because of a Pretty Embarrassing Security Hole

eeeeeeesh (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Last night, Tumblr product VP Derek Gottfrid posted a rather alarming communique to its users, far from the usual omg-we’re-just-so-darn-happy-to-announce gushing. “We have just released a very important security update for our iPhone and iPad apps addressing an issue that allowed passwords to be compromised in certain circumstances¹. Please download the update now,” the post read, emphasis theirs. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Tumblr Takes Over NASDAQ and Jack Dorsey Will Sell You This Pencil Sketch for $1,000

Art. (Photo: Dorsey)

Jack of all trades If you recently moved to a new apartment and are looking for some non-Ikea works to spruce up the place, Twitter cofounder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has just the item for you. The creative Mr. Dorsey has put a pencil drawing he did up for sale on Square’s marketplace. For just $1,000, you can own a 4-panel pencil sketch of a gingko leaf, appropriately signed by “@jack.” But you might want to wipe that sneer off your face: the proceeds go directly to Charity:Water, so we don’t think Mr. Dorsey will be launching a personal moneymaking venture as an artist anytime soon. Read More

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David Karp’s in Cannes, Partying With Diddy and Calling Rivals’ Practice ‘Gross’

Golden boy. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Right now the “Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity,” which is of course a big cushy self-congratulatory bash for advertisers, is in full swing. And so Tumblr founder/apparent Mad Men devotee David Karp is in town, wooing potential clients.

He took the time to toot Tumblr’s own horn and trash its rivals. The Guardian reports that in a seminar, he condemned follower counts (you listening, Twitter?), which he finds just so déclassé: Read More

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Another Early Tumblr Employee Departs: ‘Media Evangelist’ Mark Coatney Leaves

Mr. Coatney (Photo: Twitter)

Tumblr “director/media evangelist” Mark Coatney, one of the company’s early employees and the man who built the site’s outreach team, just announced that he’s leaving the company. For those keeping score at home, that’s right on the heels of creative director Jacob Bijani’s departure.

Mr. Coatney didn’t detail his reasons for leaving in the announcement on his Tumblr, other than to say, “It’s a a good time, with Tumblr moving into a new and even better stage with Yahoo, and though I’m happy about the decision and excited about new opportunities, it’s still bittersweet.” Read More


Tumblr Has Its Very Own Hub for Creepshots

And their web design is stomach-turningly bad, too. (Photo: screencap)

Hey, ladies! Had you considered dashing out to the Starbucks on the corner, or perhaps making a quick trip to the gym? Well, here comes a bit of news that’ll make you want to lock yourself in your apartment until Judgement Day. Just don’t sign on to the Internet, because you aren’t safe there, either.

Months after the frenzy over Reddit’s r/creepshotsJezebel has uncovered, which has been around since April 2011. The site’s about page explains: “”What is a ‘CreepShot’ you ask? Easy. Creepshots are CANDID pictures. If a person is posing or aware that a picture is being taken, then it is no longer a creepshot.” (Also: “Major fan of Howard Stern and the Crew,” which pretty much figures.) Read More

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Tumblr Expands Ads to the Web Dashboard; Users Characteristically Understanding About It

Yum? (Photo: Tumblr)

The latest milestone in Tumblr’s ongoing quest for profitability: Today the company expanded its inclusion of ads within the Dashboard’s stream of posts from mobile to web.

A post on the staff blog bragged: “Since we launched our first sponsored post on Tumblr Radar one year ago, we’ve been proud to see our partners bring their most creative work to Tumblr.” Apparently their posts have garnered 10 million likes and reblogs. Metrics! Read More