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M.T.A. Still Won’t Let App Developers Access the Good Data

We have this song in our head and now so do you.

The notoriously data prudish M.T.A. may have recanted its cease-and-desist letter to app developers in favor of one of those in vogue app competitions so popular with open governments these days, but that doesn’t mean the agency is giving up the good stuff.

Transit Nation reports that for the M.T.A.’s ongoing App Quest competiton (the public currently voting on 42 apps, which will be rewarded $15,000 in prizes), the M.T.A. did not expose data collected by the subway platform countdown clocks. The clocks, which report the actual time a train arrives, as opposed to the time that they’re scheduled to get there, could make apps much more valuable.  Read More

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Vote on the Best MTA Apps


After first shunning independent developers, the broken agency that is the MTA has now embraced them. “The MTA App Quest offers $15,000 in prizes to the best transit software applications that ‘improve the transit experience’ for the region’s 8.5 million riders (aka potential app users). Now that submissions are in, the MTA wants the riders to get in on dishing out those prize dollars,” a press release announced yesterday. Read More