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China Plans To Build An Underwater Train To America

Next stop, 'Murica! (Wikimedia Commons)

China is currently planning a feat so astonishing, it might even put Elon Musk’s hyperloop to shame. The country is hankering to build a railway that would connect China to the United States, the Washington Post reports. The “China-Russia-Canada-America” line would span 8,000 miles, according to an engineer at the Chinese Academy of Engineering — making it even longer than the daunting Trans-Siberian Railroad. Read More


Train Travel Is Trending

Train Travel

Long haul train travel is really having a moment. 

The train travel fits in with the current retro-chic hipster aesthetic. There is something glamorous about the idea of a luxurious pace of a train ride, even if the end result is the same as a plane: the passenger is actually just sitting, staring out the window or reading, snacking on $5 pretzels while waiting to get to his or her destination. Read More