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Kim Dotcom Claims the U.S. Government is Flush with Megaupload Users

(Image via buzzfeed.com)

Slick hot-tub dwelling playboy and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is currently out on bail awaiting an extradition hearing in August, much to the chagrin of the FBI. But despite the slew of piracy-loving groupies attempting to nab a piece of that sweet, sweet billionaire tail, Dotcom has his sights set on more noble ventures: stopping the federal government from deleting all Megaupload user data. Read More

SOPA Opera

Pot Calling the Kettle Pirate: Sony, Universal, and Fox Busted for BitTorrents


Ouhhhhhh, burn. People in SOPA-supporting Hollywood giants should stop throwing stones. Using a new site called You Have Downloaded, a Russian-based service that says it tracks about 20 percent of all public BitTorrent downloads, the fine folks at TorrentFreak took a look at IP addresses at entertainment conglomerates likes Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox Entertainment and NBC Universal to see “whether these companies hold themselves to the same standards they demand of others.”

As you might expect, that’s a giant negative. Read More