Booting Up: Darth Vader Joins Instagram But His Selfie Technique Is Pretty Weird

Not how this works! (Photo: Instagram)

Cyber Monday sales exploded 20 percent higher than last year as more shoppers prefer the Internet over the mall. [Bloomberg]

Apple purchased Twitter analytics site Topsy for $200 million yesterday, but what they plan to do with it is clouded in mystery. One guess is that they’re going integrate it with iTunes Radio and alert “trending” music on the social network. [WSJ]

Facebook is rejiggering its News Feed formula to cut down on junk and emphasize high-quality news articles. [BuzzFeed FWD]

Here’s a peek into Betaworks’ long-term plans. [Digiday]

Darth Vader joined Instagram yesterday and took an alleged selfie that isn’t a selfie at all.  [Wired]

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Startup Rundown: AT&T Charging Stations Open Around NYC and Square Launches a Coding Camp for Girls

Working at Grind is keeeewl (Photo: Vimeo)

Grind’s a-growin’ We’re wishing a happy housewarming to exclusive coworking platform Grind, which just opened its second NYC location at 39th and Broadway. The company—whose original NYC location is at 29th and Park—offers talented techies and entrepreneurs a functional, comfortable, caffeine-laced space to do their work, outside the confines of the oppressive corporate world. Grind’s new space boasts 1.5 times the square footage of the original, and hopefully that much more gourmet, eco-friendly, ethically sourced coffee. Read More