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EXCLUSIVE: Terrorism Victims Sue for ICANN to Revoke Domain Names Being Used by Iran

ICANN, the organization that administers domain names, is being sued by victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism. (Getty)

Still waiting on billions of dollars in unpaid damages, American victims of Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks are attempting to seize Internet properties the United States has provided to Iran.

The victims and their family members today filed a lawsuit against the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the U.S.-based non-profit that administers Internet properties worldwide. In it, the plaintiffs demand ICANN turn over all the top-level domain names provided by the U.S. to Iran, including .ir,  ایران, and any other IP address being used by the Iranian government and its agencies. Read More


The Internet Advertising Bureau Tries To Squash ICANN’s Plan to Set Off a Domain Buying Frenzy

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Finally someone is injecting a much-needed note of caution into ICANN’s plan to offer-up top-level domain names willy-nilly to anyone who can afford them– meaning .Beatbeat or .Budweiser could be procured as as easily (for a price) as .biz.

Today TechCrunch reports that Randall Rothenberg, CEO and President of the Internet Advertising Bureau asked ICANN to withdraw its plan, pointing out that despite an initial giddiness among publishers and advertisers, the domains would be extremely costly, and open up the possibility of cyber squatters extorting money in bad faith. As TechCrunch reports, Mr. Rothenberg says the 13-to-1 vote in favor of the change shouldn’t be dictated from on high, when the consequences will trickle down: Read More