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Chartbeat Gets a New Look, Adds Features, ‘Hiring Like Crazy’ With $9.5 M. Series B

Chartbeat's "engaged time" view.

Chartbeat just announced a hefty new round of funding led by Josh Stein, managing director at Draper Fisher Jurveston, and Saul Klein, a partner at Index Ventures, for $9.5 million in all. Some of the funding has already been put to use, as Chartbeat is rolling out a “complete new look,” CEO Tony Haile told Betabeat, with a new dashboard, two major new features, and a mobile app.  Read More

Fresh Capital

Chartbeat Raises $1 M Inside Round To Maintain Growth As It Eyes Bigger Funding

Betaworks startup Chartbeat has raised a $1 million inside round from its previous investors to maintain its torrid growth as it looks to raise a much bigger round later this year.

“It’s go big or go home time. We didn’t want to slow down, but we also didn’t want to take money from the wrong people. So we got an inside note to keep things pumping while we go out and find backers for a much bigger round later this year,” Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile told Betabeat.  Read More

Power Up

Chartbeat Labs Keeps the Innovation on Refresh

A universe of users

For Chartbeat addicts like us, the introduction of the new Labs page is a real problem. There is now a smorgasbord of tantalizing visuals to watch, from maps to solar systems, that represent the incoming traffic to Betabeat.

Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile says Labs is a place to highlight the work his team does during their “free” time. Like Google, Mr. Haile insists that his shop spend one out of every seven weeks working on their own side projects. “The only rule is they can’t work on stuff in the development queue.” Read More

The Realtime Rodeo

NewsBeat Helps Publishers Surf the Future Waves

Tony Haile - Internet Explorer - outside betaworks

When a huge surge of traffic suddenly starts washing over a website, publishers have to act fast to capture the most value from these visitors. Yesterday, for example, Betabeat popped our cherry on a pickup by John Gruber’s Daring Fireball blog, which turned on a fire hose of new readers who had never previously been to our site.

I knew there was a high percentage of first time visitors because I was using Newsbeat, a more powerful version of the real time analytic engine Chartbeat, which breaks down the percentage of new versus returning visitors. I was able to throw some additional links into the story taking these reader back to some of our best coverage on the mobile space. Read More