Love in the Time of Algorithms

Rap Genius Cofounder Searching for a Lucky Lady to Eat Sushi Off His Penis

(Photo: Sumner Dilworth, courtesy of Vibe)

The cofounders behind the lyric annotation database RapGenius are kind of like a trio of Tom Haverfords, albeit with a $15 million series A instead of a couple hundos from a certain mustachioed grump. In an attempt to further solidify their reputations as a cartoonish reimagining of the college ex-boyfriend who thought 808s and Heartbreak was “revolutionary,” RapGenius’s cofounders Ilan Zachory, Mahbod Moghadam and Tom Lehman submitted to an interview with Cosmo about sex and dating. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

The Best Tom Haverford Lines from the Parks and Recreation Episode about Internet Addiction

Parks and Recreation tech addiction

Now that boom times are here again, it’s not all that unusual to come across a company whose big swagging concept sounds like it was lifted from the pitch deck of Entertainment 720, the fictional startup from the sitcom geniuses at Parks and Recreation. (Should you ever find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to imagine Aziz Ansari’s voice squeaking tech jargon at you from the founder’s mouth. For instance, business development is definitely getting abbreved to bizzy-bizzy dev.)

Thanks to the b-plot of last night’s episode of Parks and Rec, however, you no longer have to wonder, say, who Tom Haverford looks up on Wikipedia (Ray J) or how he feels about that vaguely racist Indian guy with turban emoji (“Hold up, didn’t Japanese people invent this?”). Read More