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Tina Fey Takes ‘Thousands’ of Super Close-Up Nudes to Protect Herself If Photos Leak

Because why not? (Screengrab: YouTube)

Following a recent theft of celebrity nudes that inspired a sleazy Reddit charity campaign and an even sleazier artist’s gallery show, celebrities are now discussing ways to protect themselves from such invasions of privacy.

On last night’s Late Show, Tina Fey explained that to avoid being identified if her nudes ever get out, she exclusively takes close-up photos of her butt. Read More

XX in Tech

Tina Fey Hosted an NYC Tech Awards for Female Founders Just to Get Out of the House

Tina Fey speaking at L'Oreal's Women in Digital awards ceremony.

At the Gansevoort Hotel last night, L’Oreal celebrated the five female winners of their Next Generation Award Tuesday night, honoring female leaders in the technology industry. The event honored Kathryn Minshew (CEO and founder of The Daily Muse), Doreen Bloch (founder and CEO of, Bettina Hein (founder and CEO of Pixibility), Sarah McIlroy* (founder and CEO of and Vivian Rosenthal (founder and CEO of GoldRun).

The evening’s host, Tina Fey, confessed to “less than no knowledge” of the tech world. But Ms. Fey’s motivation for attending the ceremony became quickly obvious. “As a mom of two girls I have to say, I’m particularly glad to be out of the house with no one touching me,” she quipped, eliciting distracted giggles from the audience still focused on Instagraming a photo of the surprise guest. Read More

Planet Google

Eric Schmidt Interviews Tina Fey – Refuses to Talk Periods, Fails Improv Class

Now that Eric Schmidt has stepped down as CEO of Google (and gotten a big raise for his troubles) he has time to do all sorts of fun stuff, like interview Tina Fey about her new book Bossypants.

Schmidt threatens Fey with a pretend gun. She asks him how he could threaten her with a gift from their wedding. “We’re not married,” says Schmidt. Fail! The first lesson of improv Fey explains: accept everything, deny nothing. This has been Schmidt’s public speaking style for a while, so he shouldn’t have too much trouble applying it to comedy.

Bonus – Schmidt admits to secretly coveting the cover of Meetings magazine. Watch your back Jack!

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