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Pornhub Billboard Taken Down The Day After It Went Up After Hotel Manager Throws a Fit

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 6.02.57 PM

Well, the Pornhub billboard was fun while it lasted.

On Monday, in a glorious display of progress for sex positivity, Pornhub put up the first ever Times Square porn billboard — at least, the first ad since Times Square was basically a haven for prostitutes and peep shows. They debuted the ad with a performance from the Gotham Rock Choir, singing “All You Need Is Hand” and effectively sticking it to every mainstream advertiser that wouldn’t let Pornhub run a commercial. Read More

Office Space

Yahoo! Opening New Office in Times Square, Wants to Expand NYC Presence by 60 Percent

(Photo: Tumblr)

Yahoo! is taking over New York, whether you like it or not. After the long-awaited announcement that the old school web giant had purchased Alley darling Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion, the company held a press event in Times Square to make another big declaration: Yahoo! will be consolidating its local offices into a giant hub in the old New York Times building. It’s no Googleplex, but it’ll do. Read More

The Deuce

Unfortunately, TEDxTimesSquare is Not a Gathering of Dudes in Cookie Monster Costumes

Not invited to TEDxTimesSquare. (Photo: Instagram,  Yuka Inage)

At this point, everywhere short of the Herald Square subway station has its very own TEDx conference. Hence today’s inaugural edition of TEDxTimesSquare, focused on the theme: “Openness: Exploring the Limits and Possibilities of Open Culture.” Speakers include HARO founder Peter Shankman, who’s delivering a talk about the virtues of niceness and “YouTube Sensation” Collin McLoughlin. Read More

On the Town

Microsoft Badly Wants to Rock Your Face off With Its New Times Square Store

The store in all her glory. (Photo: Joe Zaga on Instagram)

Does employee training at Microsoft now just consist of watching CEO Steve Ballmer flipping his shit on loop? After attending the opening of the company’s new store in Times Square, we can’t help but wonder.

Microsoft is opening 34 temporary stores in preparation for the holidays, and this was the first. The popup was well-executed, but it seemed a little small for Times Square’s massive foot traffic. Inside we found a crowd heavy on photographers, store staffers and dudes in sharp suits–as well as lots of very excited people buying Surface tablets. (Not that they could walk out with them. Nothing could leave the premises until midnight, so early buyers had to come back.) Read More

Antisocial Media

4chan Luring Single Dudes to Times Square with Fake OkCupid

foreveraloneflashmob small

The mischievous denizens of web forum 4Chan are plotting to create a strange sort of flash mob.

Using fake OkCupid profiles, the group hopes to lure a group of single guys to Times Square at the same time, then to revel in their discomfort, thanks to public webcam, when they discover the date is a fraud.

Hmmm…a bunch of lonely, single dudes wandering around Times Square hoping for something exciting to happen. Sounds like the good old days.

via Urlesque

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The Times Square Hack, For Realz This Time


Viral pranksters ThinkModo scored a big hit recently with their video hoax showing  man hacking the big screens in Times Square using just his iPhone.

Turns out Adi Isakovic, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, actually built technology that will do just that, he even pitched it to MTV last fall.

The buzz from ThinkModo’s video helped Isakovic score some screen time to test his product, TubeMote.

This is his second chance at redemption. Back when he was 16, Isakovic invented an interactive video screen to be installed in the back of cabs, but never got that project off the ground. New York really hates this guy. Read More