Booting Up: Tumblr Users Are Freaking Out So Hard Right Now, You Guys

She's laughing at you, fandom. LAUGHING AT YOU.

“The inevitable next step is for Kim Kardashian to sit on the board of a tech start-up, host a global-poverty-awareness event and write a book on behavioral neuroscience.” [New York Times]

The tax man’s hanging round Apple’s door, and now Tim Cook is due to appear before Congress on the matter. [Telegraph]

For her science fair project, this teenaged girl invented a supercapacitor that could maybe, with further development, charge your electronics lightening fast. Everyone’s now feeling pretty bad about their baking soda volcano, huh? [Jezebel]

Matt Mullenweg says that talk of Yahoo buying Tumblr sent WordPress imports from Tumblr skyrocketing, from 400-600 posts per hour to 72,000 on Sunday. Of course, that could’ve just been one really dedicated porn reblogger. [AllThingsD]

Tumblr users are having a collective meltdown to rival The China Syndrome (only onetime Yahoo users are old enough to get that joke). [Buzzfeed]

Steal This

NY Attorney General Asks Tech Companies to Solve Phone Theft For Him

Just like that, Kind of (Photo: Let's Unlock iPhone)

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is worried about our state’s significant uptick in phone thefts, but that’s really more Tim Cook’s problem. Bloomberg reports that Mr. Schneiderman has penned a letter to tech giants like Google and Apple asking them why, if you guys are capable of making face computers and cars that drive themselves, can’t you make phones unstealable? Read More

Apple in Your Eye

All It Takes to Have Coffee with Tim Cook Is the U.S.’s Median Household Income

(Photo: CharityBuzz)

Look, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a busy guy. He does lots of important stuff, like announcing that there will be announcements in the future. His time is worth a lot. So CharityBuzz, an online charity auction, is hosting a very generous offer from Mr. Cook: people–rich people, specifically–can bid to have coffee with him at Apple headquarters. The “estimated value” of this presumably hour-long (tops!) outing? $50,000, which is just $2,762 dollars shy of the U.S.’s median household income. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

In China, Fake Apple Products Are an Acceptable Offering for Your Ancestors

(Photo: Technabob)

Every spring during the Qingming Festival, people in China honor their ancestors by cleaning and repairing their tombstones. Offerings are also made to the dead, typically consisting of food and drink, but because Chinese culture dictates that deceased relatives will need money and other material goods in the after life, many will also burn fake money or paper replicas of homes and cars as offerings. Read More

Political Animals

Every Tech Tangent President Obama Went Down During Last Night’s SOTU


Despite Anonymous’ worst intentions, the State of the Union went off without a hitch last night–save for reducing the state of political discourse to water gulping memes. Every generation gets the joyless Twitter account it deserves, we suppose.

President Obama has relied heavily on technological innovation to get him reelected, and is fond of citing the industry as a potential source of economic growth. But this is the first SOTU where tech got real air time at the podium. Chances are that will only increase.

Here’s hoping, next time around, the tech bubble won’t be invoked in the same grim paragraph as the housing market. Read More


Booting Up: Turns Out Everyone Else Has Watched ‘House of Cards,’ Too


Netflix says “House of Cards” is its most-watched program ever, but refuses to pony up any numbers whatsoever: “I honestly have no motivation” to give them out, the company’s chief content officer told attendees at the D: Dive into Media conference. [AllThingsD]

Apple reportedly has a team of around a hundred developing the company’s own Dick Tracy watch this very minute. [Bloomberg]

This could be awkward for Tim Cook, who’s on the board of Nike, home of the Fuelband. [Business Insider]

Meanwhile, Google is laughing all the way to the bank: The company could reportedly make $5 billion on ads viewed on tablet devices last year. [Wall Street Journal]


Booting Up: Mark Zuckerberg At Top of List for Giving it Away

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 19, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, were at the top of the list of the biggest U.S. philanthropists for the second consecutive year. The couple donated $500 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in December, making them the country’s second largest donors, behind Warren Buffett, who gave away $3.1 billion last year. [CNET]

Twitter and American Express announced a plan to turn the microblogging service into an ecommerce platform: Details are vague, but it sounds like the partnership will allow users to link their Amex to their Twitter feeds, than make a purchase by posting a message. What will you buy with your subtweets? [WSJ]

We guess Michelle Obama won’t be buying a Surface Pro anytime soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook will be a guest of the FLOTUS during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this evening. Last year, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs joined Ms. Obama for the State of the Union. [Mercury News]

The residential real estate website Trulia crunched some numbers ahead of Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a man, try Las Vegas, Honolulu, Palm Bay, Florida, San Jose or Gary, Indiana; if you want the highest percentages of women living alone, try Bethesda, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Boston, New York or Raleigh, North Carolina. [NYT]

What do you get a tech billionaire for his birthday? Books, apparently. But of the electronic or dead tree variety? [Business Insider]