Booting Up: The Syrian Electronic Army Rings In the New Year By Hacking Skype

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The Syrian Electronic Army didn’t take the day off yesterday. The hacker collective took over Skype’s website and Twitter accounts warning people that they’re being spied on. [Daily Dot]

AllThingsD is dead, ReCode is alive. [New York Times]

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s salary last year is more than you can ever imagine despite taking a ten percent pay cut. [BGR]

Winamp isn’t dead after all. Aol is reportedly selling it and Shoutcast to Radionomy, a Belgium-based aggregator of radio stations. [TechCrunch]

The alleged hackers behind the Snapchat’s massive leak of usernames and phone names explain that they did it to “put public pressure on Snapchat to get this exploit fixed.” The app still hasn’t publicly commented on the flaw. [The Verge]


Booting Up: There Are Supposedly Now Four Google Barges Ready to Invade America

Google barge. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw his support behind the Employment Nondiscrimination Act in an op-ed. “At Apple, we try to make sure people understand that they don’t have to check their identity at the door,” he wrote. [Verge]

There’s supposedly four mysterious Google barges (not three) with the latest rumor being that it’s to showcase Google X projects beyond Glass. Self-driving cars showroom, anyone? [Glass Almanac]

It’s going to take a lot more than redesigning flagship Yahoo products to save the company, employees grumble. [New York Times]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the NSA hacking allegations “outrageous” if proven true. [Wall Street Journal]

The YouTube Music Awards attracted roughly 220,000 concurrent views and sounded pretty boring. [AllThingsD]

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Rumor Roundup: Tim Cook Tweets, Miley Hates iOS 7 and AlleyNYC Parties Hard

#sports, yall

#FollowFriday Well, well, well–look who’s on Twitter! Apple CEO Tim Cook took the bluster out of everyone’s #FF today and tweeted for the first time.

Internet sleuths hopped on the case, parsing the clues to determine whether the profile (“Fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball,” his bio reads), was the real deal. Two Apple employees and a Twitter worker were Mr. Cook’s first follows, for instance, but he also followed Anderson Cooper and Kings of Leon. What did it all mean?? Read More


Booting Up: Tim Cook Would Like You To Know That Everything is Fine

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BlackBerry is going to eliminate 40 percent of its staff by the end of the year as it morphs into a juice bar. [Wall Street Journal]

Two Myspace alumni are learning what it’s like to work for successful tech companies. [New York Times]

“I don’t feel euphoric on the up, and I don’t slit my wrists when it goes down,” says Tim Cook in a, uh, revealing interview about Apple’s stock price and the state of the company. [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]

YouTube gaming network Machinima is cutting 10 percent of its staff. [AdWeek]

Netflix, which has been riding the wave of good news lately, is actually shutting down a DVD distribution center in Montana. [The Montana Standard]

Apple in Your Eye

Tim Cook Is Totally Judging Your Ugly Google Glasses

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Someone sounds a little dejected that their Project Glass submission was rejected.

Speaking at yesterday’s (biweekly?) All Things D Digital Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook threw shade at Google’s face computer, saying that he doesn’t think it will hit mainstream appeal because no one wants to look like an insufferable ass if they don’t have to. Oh, and the steep $1,500 price point could be a hinderance. Read More


Booting Up: Promises, Promises from Tim Cook

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In an interview yesterday at the D conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised, “We have some incredible plans that we have been working on for a while.” If you’re talking about that smartwatch, pal, we’ve already moved on to Google Glass. [AllThingsD]

Apple is stepping up the pace of its acquisitions, though. [AllThingsD]

Aviary is expanding to Tokyo in June, with 50 million monthly users in hand. [The Next Web]

Perhaps disappointed with the results of its no good, very bad commercials, Facebook now wants to invade your consciousness via television-show product placement. [Valleywag]

After a small advertiser revolt, Facebook is finally cracking down on groups dedicated to rape and violence against women. [Businessweek]


Booting Up: Tumblr Users Are Freaking Out So Hard Right Now, You Guys

She's laughing at you, fandom. LAUGHING AT YOU.

“The inevitable next step is for Kim Kardashian to sit on the board of a tech start-up, host a global-poverty-awareness event and write a book on behavioral neuroscience.” [New York Times]

The tax man’s hanging round Apple’s door, and now Tim Cook is due to appear before Congress on the matter. [Telegraph]

For her science fair project, this teenaged girl invented a supercapacitor that could maybe, with further development, charge your electronics lightening fast. Everyone’s now feeling pretty bad about their baking soda volcano, huh? [Jezebel]

Matt Mullenweg says that talk of Yahoo buying Tumblr sent WordPress imports from Tumblr skyrocketing, from 400-600 posts per hour to 72,000 on Sunday. Of course, that could’ve just been one really dedicated porn reblogger. [AllThingsD]

Tumblr users are having a collective meltdown to rival The China Syndrome (only onetime Yahoo users are old enough to get that joke). [Buzzfeed]

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NY Attorney General Asks Tech Companies to Solve Phone Theft For Him

Just like that, Kind of (Photo: Let's Unlock iPhone)

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is worried about our state’s significant uptick in phone thefts, but that’s really more Tim Cook’s problem. Bloomberg reports that Mr. Schneiderman has penned a letter to tech giants like Google and Apple asking them why, if you guys are capable of making face computers and cars that drive themselves, can’t you make phones unstealable? Read More