Hackathon Shark-Jumping Continues With ‘Brainstorming Competition’ in New York This Month

Mr. Moses. (Twitter)

If you were disappointed about missing out on Hype Up Weekend,¬†the vaporware hackathon in San Francisco, here’s an event for you: Tilt, a “brainstorming competition” where participants playing the role of “founders” will design product ideas around an assigned theme. The “startups” will be evaluated by participants playing the role of “investors,” competing to get the biggest portfolio and¬†speculating via an internal stock market that will run on the participants’ smartphones. A real, live New York venture capitalist–exactly who will be announced on the date of the event–will make an appearance. It all takes place in one Saturday afternoon on April 21 in Tribeca.

You might be tempted to call Tilt a hackathon, but the event expressly forbids hacking. “This is about business ideas and their viability,” the event advertises. “Design skills, production, marketing and branding are as valuable as software development.”¬† Read More